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For us here at Addicted, mobile and online banking is where it’s at. From my own personal finances, to moving money and making payments for this magazine, when it comes to banking, literally everything is done via my phone or computer.


From mobile deposits (depositing a cheque using your smartphone wherever you may be) to e-transfers, there are so many fantastic and easy features offered by Scotiabank, the award-winning provider of online and mobile banking.


While we live in the digital age here at Addicted, a lot of our partners choose to pay by cheque. Since we don’t really ever visit a branch unless absolutely necessary, once we tried out the mobile deposit feature, we all became addicted to how easy and convenient it was to deposit cheques from absolutely anywhere! If you haven’t tried it or heard about it, well you just have to- it’s honestly a game changer. While we don’t often talk about finance here, we do talk a lot about things that can make your life easier and this is most definitely the one habit that will.

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Nowadays you can access your bank accounts on your smart watch, tablet, computer, and smartphone, making staying on top of your finances easier than ever. The great part about Scotiabank is that not only are there so many features to make your life easier, they also have easy-to-use directions for those that are using them for the first time – check them out here: And if you need a human touch, Scotiabank’s customer service reps are always happy to help if you have any questions.


If that’s not enough, Scotiabank also finds some of the most inventive ways to give back to the community, which I’ve seen through their support of Pride and the LGBT community here in Toronto, as well as with their current contest that we mentioned a few days ago for #MyFreeTime.


The #MyFreeTime contest offers Scotiabank customers and Canadians the chance to win one of 3 grand prizes of $1,500 as well as weekly prizes of $200. All you have to do is share what you would do with your free time on on Facebook or Twitter – accompanied by the hashtag #MyFreeTime. Visit for all the details.


Easy banking, friendly help, and a chance to win some cash; now you know why I had to tell you all about my new-found love for Scotiabank.



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