Making the most of My Free Time

For most of us, myself included, having more free time to do what we love and spend time with the people we love is key to living a happy life, and really, couldn’t we all use just a little bit more free time?

I would say yes, and I’m sure you would too. So when I saw that Scotiabank – the award-winning provider of online and mobile banking – posted on social asking Canadians what they would do with more free time, it made me think, what would I do if I had a little more time each week for me?

The answer is: so many things. I would travel more, write more, smile more, laugh more, and ultimately I would spend more time doing all these wonderful things with the people I love most, my family and friends.

As we all know, amazing apps and websites nowadays can literally change the game for all of us, and mobile and online banking is the perfect example of how to make life so much easier as you can keep track of your finances, make payments or deposits and save yourself from ever having to leave your home, which means more time to spend doing those things we love.

But what if you could have more free time AND be rewarded for it? Well, thanks to Scotiabank’s latest social contest you can.

In the #MyFreeTime contest from @Scotiabank, all you have to do is tell them what you would do with your extra free time and comment on Scotiabank’s Facebook page here or Tweet @Scotiabank using the hashtag #MyFreeTime with your answer for your chance to win one of 3 $1,500 grand prizes to help you pay the way for an all-new adventure of your making.

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You can use the money to help make a difference in the world, or just to see more of the world. You could get together with friends or do something really special for your best friend.

So what are you waiting for, your entry is just a social post away and I’m sure you could use the winnings to share with the people you care about most, to enjoy the ultimate experience together, and have just a little more fun.

For full details and to enter visit; today and good luck!

This post was made in partnership with Scotiabank for Addicted Magazine


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