I am Addicted – My story of Addiction

Not many people or readers know my story, and for a long time I wanted to keep it that way. When you’ve been to hell and back, sometimes it seems easier to just try to forget the horrible things that have happened to you and move on, but sadly, that never worked for me.

I have endured a life of addiction, and as I write this and tears stream down my face, I can tell you that this battle never ends, but with each and every day I am determined to win, to fight, and to never use again.

From the time I was 15 years old and until about five years ago I was a heavy drug user, suffered from anorexia, suffered through depression and felt totally removed from who I thought I was meant to be. I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to end it all, as I thought by leaving and ending my life somehow the world would be better off without me and my never-ending sadness.

It’s been one hell of a long road, and honestly, I didn’t know if I would ever make it though, but by some miracle, I did.

My name is Mark Munroe and I am Addicted.

Over the coming months, I want to share my story with you, as a way to celebrate changing my life, a message of hope for those who are going through the same, and possibly to show that it’s never too late to make the choice to change your life and battle for better, and to somehow find happiness.

After my life fell apart — mainly due to drugs and horrible decisions that were made under the influence — I found myself lost, broken, homeless and bankrupt. I came home to the only place I knew I could go, to see my wonderful parents and admit to them that I had nothing left to live for and that I needed help.

In that moment of walking through the door and seeing my mother’s eyes, the pain she held as the tears rolled down her face, my life would change forever. In that moment I would admit for the first time that I was an addict, and in that moment I would decide to seek the help that I needed. Without at the time knowing, a whole new life would begin for me.

Addicted Magazine and @TheMaleAddict would be born from that sadness. From the fight of my life I learned to start over, to focus on what made me happy, what brought joy to my heart. I never knew at the time, but my life’s biggest mistake would become by life’s biggest success and the words that I would write, letter by letter would help to save my life.

This is my story. A story of turning a negative into a positive and taking what almost destroyed me and transforming it into something that would help to make me whole. This is the story of how I started over again and reclaimed my life. Join me every Sunday as I share it with you.

My name is Mark Munroe, and I Am Addicted.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
I’m ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more! Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED.


  1. Brenda Penton

    Thank you, Mark, for opening up about this and sharing your story. I think you will help yourself and many others by sharing.I look forward to hearing more about it in the future.

  2. JayareTillman

    Thank you Mark for posting this. This is an inspirational story and I applaud you for letting people into your life and understand where in your past and where you are today. I’m pretty sure if this story even touches one person or changes one persons life, it made to difference. Much love to you Mark! #inspirationalstory