The top Five reasons to visit Europe in 2016

There are so many great reasons on your you should explore Europe whether you like there or are a foreigner, there are so many amazing places to visit and things to see. This year the continent is even more alive with exciting events, anniversaries and new openings making Europe the place to head to in 2016.

So while we don’t presume to have all the reason you should make your next adventure in Europe, we have a few suggestions for our Top 5 reasons to visit this year.

Find your happy place in 2016’s World’s Happiest Country, Denmark

It’s smiles all round in Denmark this year according to the UN’s 2016 World Happiness Report which has named this tiny Scandinavian nation the world’s happiest country. Perhaps it’s the refreshing sea air, the population’s egalitarian spirit or a daily dose of those delicious crumbly pastries, but whatever it is Denmark seems to have the balance just right. Meet the friendly locals on Trafalgar’s 14-day Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords where a Local Specialist will take guests on a sightseeing tour around Copenhagen before visiting the Island of Funen and the town of Odense. This Scandinavian soiree continues in the country’s stylish sisters; Norway and Sweden.



Visit 2016’s hottest destination, Iceland

‘Hot’ isn’t a term usually associated with Iceland unless you are referring to its natural springs but this year Iceland is being tipped by industry experts as one of the hottest destinations for 2016. Chosen by staff at National Geographic as one of their bucket list destinations, Iceland is icy exoticism at its very best. Having been one of the filming locations for the latest Star Wars franchise, Iceland is truly out of this world and, as summer approaches and the ‘midnight sun’ phenomenon appears, this country will be shining the spotlight on itself in the coming months. Visit this magical island on Trafalgar’s NEW Ultimate Iceland 10-day guided vacation where highlights include a stay on the shores of Lake Lagarfliot and seeing the birthplace of icebergs at Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon.




Commemorate Ireland’s history during the centennial year of the Easter Rising

With an official programme of events marking 100 years since the Easter Rising in 1916, Ireland will be commemorating this historical event throughout the year. With Dublin taking the number three spot on Lonely Planet’s round-up of the Top ten cities to visit in 2016, Ireland has plenty to shout about this year and once you step foot on the Emerald Isle it’s impossible not to succumb to its charm. Explore the many faces of Ireland on Trafalgar’s 7-day Irish Highlights trip with the chance to get a true taste of Ireland as guests join the Fulvio family in their home and share their treasured family soda bread and carrot cake during the Be My Guest dining experience.




Visit the European Capital of Culture 2016, San Sebastian

Sharing the title of European Capital of Culture with Wroclaw in Poland, San Sebastian in Spain will see more than 400 cultural activities take place this year to celebrate the bestowment of this prestigious accolade. From mini festivals to cinematic exhibitions, San Sebastian’s cultural scene will be thriving with activity like never before and, combined with its array of Michelin starred restaurants and renowned pintxos scene, there is so much to explore in this city in 2016. Check out this sophisticated slice of Spain on Trafalgar’s 15-day Best of Spain guided vacation which also features a Be My Guest dinner at a family run olive oil mill in Seville and a Local Specialist tour around the beautiful Moorish Alhambra Palace in Granada.




Delve into the history books at the new Berlin Wall Museum

Germany’s chequered past makes it one of Europe’s most fascinating countries and you can spend hours hopping from museum to memorial reflecting on its tumultuous and traumatic history. Another museum will be added to Berlin’s long list with the opening of The Wall Museum this year. A reminder of the decades of division that existed between East and West Germany during the Cold War, this new opening comes 55 years since the walls construction.  Trafalgar’s 15day Bohemian Highlights takes an undercover look at the wartime history of Poland and Germany before exploring Budapest with a Local Specialist.



So there you have it, our lists of the reasons why you should be putting Europe on your travel list for 2016.

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