How many tonnes can a Volvo Truck pull?

I don’t know about you, but to this day, I’m pretty much still a boy with his toys. So whenever I come across really cool stunts, like that of the viral videos made by Volvo aka the Jean Claude Van Dam video, and many others, it always peaks my interest when companies are not only pushing themselves and their products to the limits, but they do it in a creative “out of the box” way.

Once again Volvo has done just that.

Together with the world’s strongest man, a Volvo FH16 will determine just how much weight a single truck can pull.

So how much weight can a Volvo FH16 handle? Volvo Trucks updated gearbox – the new I-Shift with crawler gears – can start and drive with up to 325 tonnes. But just how much more can the transmission handle? All my questions would soon be answered in Volvo Trucks’ current challenge, and latest video below.

Behind the wheel of the world’s strongest series-produced truck, Magnus Samuelsson, winner of The World’s Strongest Man title, will face his heaviest challenge yet. At his side, he has the experienced trucking journalist Brian Weatherley.

“Attempting to move off from standstill with such a heavy load, like we’re doing here, is an immensely tough challenge for a regular series-produced truck with automated transmission. In my 30 years as a trucking journalist, I’ve never witnessed anything like it,” says Brian Weatherley.
In the challenge that takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Volvo Truck will try to pull a 300-metre long road train. Let’s see if this latest challenge was a success:

Now this is what I would call EPIC. When I first previewed the video for a minute I thought, will they be able to do it, but after writing about Volvo trucks, checking them out for myself, and being one of the millions who have seen them push their line to the test over and over, I somehow knew that they would overcome this challenge as well.

What’s next for Volvo, don’t you worry, because I’m always on the lookout for what’s next.




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