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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while I agree, I think that snacking its equally as important. And I don’t just say that because I love eating; I say it because I’ve always found that I’m at my best when I eat about every four hours. That means I usually end up eating four to five small meals a day, which can be a lot of cooking and even food prep.

Let’s be real: who has time for that? Not me.

In that vein, sometimes we need to start they day with an easy bowl of cereal, or to have a quick snack on hand after a meeting, workout, or just for that 3pm crash. But you don’t want to eat anything, so it’s good to have some go-to options that have some nutrition to them.

When I got the chance to try out the latest offerings from Kelloggs, including Special K Cereal, Bars, and Mini-Wheats, I had to share all the details so you can get in on the “Nourish” too!

Special K Nourish cereals in Apple Raspberry & Almond, and Coconut Cranberry & Almond

Knowing that many Canadians are looking to enjoy simple, good-for-you breakfasts with real, visible ingredients and positive nutrition, Kellogg’s Special K is introducing a new addition to its cereal line-up called Nourish.

Boasting no artificial flavors or colors, Nourish comes in two combinations featuring crispy, multi-grain flakes made from wheat, rice and quinoa, tossed with crunchy granola, almonds and real fruit. Both varieties are quite tasty and perfect for a quick and easy breakfast.

Mini-Wheats Harvest Blueberry & Red Wheat Cereal

The latest Mini-Wheats flavour, Harvest Blueberry & Red Wheat, adds a healthy dose of fiber and essential nutrients to your diet. The hearty texture and taste come from eight layers of 100 per cent whole-grain red-wheat without any artificial flavor or color.

We all know Mini-Wheats and have probably enjoyed them over the years, from childhood into adulthood, so it was fun to try a new spin on the great original!

Special K Nourish Bars in Cranberry & Almond Bar and Dark Chocolate Chunks & Almond

Special K Nourish bars feature gluten-free ingredients you can see and taste. Low in sodium and without artificial flavors or colors, they are chock-full of key nutrients to keep you energized on-the-go.

Never mind those benefits, these guys are pretty delicious and make the perfect afternoon snack pair with a crisp apple. The Dark Chocolate/Almond was my stand out favorite, hands down — what’s yours?

You know I’m not one to try tasty new treats and not share, so hop on over to my Instagram for your chance to win a huge prize pack from Kelloggs, including all these fantastic products (while we’re talking snacks, Pringles also has a great new flavor, check it out here).

Good luck!



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