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Our #womancrushwednesday this week is the adorably hilarious and stunningly gorgeous Claire Stollery. This multitalented beauty holds a number of titles, including  actor, stand-up comedian, producer and writer. She won her way into Canada’s heart with her recurring roles on CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, and kept hockey movie fans happy by helping Goon 2 come to life alongside Elisha Cuthbert, Sean William Scott and Allison Pill. Her most recent project is the short film Who Is Hannah about of a young girl named Hannah who travels from Toronto to California in search of her biological father at the tender age of 21. Who is Hannah? stars Lynda Boyd(Republic of Doyle, Falcon Beach), Rick Roberts (Between, Republic of Doyle) and Rachel Wilson (Republic of Doyle,Breaker High) alongside Claire Stolley, is directed by Mark O’Brien (Republic of Doyle, Halt) and produced by Scott Cavalheiro (Epitaph, Shelly). While we love her talent, it’s her sense of humor that won us over, as evidenced by her sweet and funny answers. Take a read below!

What is your ideal first date?

Are we talking in a fantasy land or for real? I think there’s a lot of pressure on the first date to show the person a good time and do something fun. But, for me, all I want to do on a first date is talk to the person and get to know them. As long as there’s good conversation (and drinks!) it doesn’t matter what we’re doing. That being said, if he wants to fly me to Bermuda and have champagne and strawberries on the shore while a violinist plays in the background and people are massaging our necks, I won’t say no…

What’s your instant deal breaker?

Doesn’t get sarcasm or jokes. This is a big one and has created many an awkward date. That and only talking about yourself. I don’t understand people that do this on a date. You’re not impressing women you are repelling women! I understand if nerves are the cause. But if that’s the case, put the attention onto the other person. Impress me with your interest in someone other than yourself. Otherwise that’s exactly who you will be dating.

Who do you go to for dating advice?

Obviously I consult my harem on all things. They analyze the situation, consult the powers that be and then give me a well calculated response as to what I should do/say/text. Usually they are full of support, “he’s totally into you/ you’re too good for him.” But if you want a straight up answer, you ask The Men. They don’t sugar coat anything, and who knows men better than men? (I’m totally killing this questionnaire). They say things like, “He’s not playing hard to get or mind games, he just doesn’t like you.”

What is your definition of romance?

I know everyone is going to roll their eyes and grab their barf bag, but I think that anything can be romantic if you’re with the person you love! ie) movie night in! I love movie nights.

Describe the best date you’ve ever been on
My boyfriend (and producing partner) and I have been on some pretty epic dates. Our first date was just hours after a massive flood in our city, and we were the only people out that night. That’s how committed we were to this date! We went to one of the only places open, a beer market, and we had the city and the bar to ourselves. It was pretty magical, I’m not going to lie. We laughed the whole time (check) and drank beer (check) all night, it was the best!

But one of my best date stories is when I was visiting in Paris and went on a few dates with a Parisian. I don’t speak French, so there was a lot of miming happening. (Also, I’m hilarious when you don’t understand what I’m saying.) He drove me all around the city on the back of his Vespa and he took me to his friends’ restaurants that were little holes in the wall with amazing food. It’s a pivitol moment because I finally got to live out my childhood dream of being an Olsen twin (90s VHS reference). If anything it was a great way to see Paris. I’m also going to get in trouble for this from my boyfriend. Love you sweetie!!!!


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly