2020 Most Amazing Hiking Destinations for a Healthy Holiday

We’re almost a third of the way through the year already and now is the perfect time to reassess those New Year fitness and adventure goals. If you are not a sporty, athletic individual, you might want to upscale your lifestyle by trying hiking. But if you like travelling and exploring new places and broadening your horizons, combining hiking and travelling could be a winning healthy combo for you. 2020 has numerous amazing and attractive hiking destinations to offer for both novice and expert hikers which will enable you to work on boosting your wellbeing and overall health. Read on to find out more.


Ausangate Trail, Peru

This magnificent south-American country has abundant delights to offer. Believe it or not, this looping 70 kilometer hike is a real air spa. Not only will the crystal clean air help you clear up any troubling health issues, but the fascinating hike through the Peruvian Andes will leave even the most seasoned hiker breathless. Along this moderate trail, you will see phenomenal multicoloured sandstone peaks at Rainbow Mountains of Vanicunca; just keep in mind the climate. You’ll need to to acclimatise, especially if you are travelling with people who have heart conditions. Plan your hike between May to September for the best weather.


Laugavegur Skogar Trail, Iceland

If you are up for a real challenge, this popular track might be the one for you. With mesmerising landscapes, black sand deserts, moss-covered mountains, riveting rivers, turbulent rocky trails, geothermal treats, and incredible huts that allow you to take regular pit-stop along the way, this trail has become significantly popular with tourists over the past few years. Nevertheless, it still feels cosy and picturesque.  Be prepared to take at least 6 days holiday for this trail. The best time to go here would be either June or July, mind that it doesn’t go dark at this time of year in Iceland. Just remember to always wear layers; constant sunshine doesn’t mean constant warmth. It is Iceland, after all!


High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

This strenuous mountain range separates the coasts from the fierce Sahara desert, so it’s no wonder that many hikers want to conquer it. High Atlas mountains in Morocco is undoubtedly a hiker’s heaven. You’ll need around 9 days to conquer this track. Don’t miss out on the M’Goun Massif with a range of trails that vary in length and difficulty. We’d recommend you spend around 6 days hiking up the famous M’Goun peak, crossing the Aghouri Pass and walking through Ain Aflafal valley; just be prepared for severe weather. This majestic mountain has lush oases, age-old kasbahs, and scenic views.


The Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

You’d never envision that such a seemingly lonely travel destination could be the home of some of the most colourful and sensational hiking trails on the globe. The Seven Rila lake hike has slowly but surely become one of the most famous hiking destinations in Bulgaria, due to a series of gloriously ombre-shaded blue and green glacial lakes that emit a beautiful, almost fairytale-like view on the top. To hike up this sweeping panoramic view, you need one day. At the summit you’re met with the awe-inspiring sight of glacial lakes flowing into one another, each of them with a stranger form and size. The locals have even given them names like Kidney Lake and Eye Lake.


Iron Creek Trailhead, Idaho, USA

If you are looking to utterly unwind, recharge with positive energy, and revive wellbeing, then the best hiking trail to head out to in 2020 is the Iron Creek Trail. The trail itself is located in the heart of Rocky Mountain’s Sawtooth Range. This air spa is encompassed with 678 square miles of wilderness. But the thing that leaves many hikers speechless is the fact that the hike winds around massive granite boulders and across captivating and gurgling streams.


The Lycian Way Trail, Turkey

Amongst many other popular hikes in Turkey, the Lycian Way is one of the most astonishing long-distance hiking trails as it comprises many of the marvels of this sunny European country. A mix of gorgeous Mediterranean views, mountainous hinterland, and exquisite Byzantine and Turkish culture and traditions awaits every hiker. The thing that makes this hike stand out from others in Europe is the fact that you can slowly roam around the remote countryside as well as along the coast. Most sections of the trail are flat and very near local villages where you get to sample unique Turkish cuisine, but you can also go off the beaten path and hike along more remote sections and steeper climbs. Just make sure that you read a thorough guide to extreme adventure prep before you steer off the path. Nevertheless, you will have a healthy holiday with a mix of history and dramatic climbs.


Fill out the rest of your 2020 calendar with some of these hiking destinations that would definitely help you upgrade your overall health, recharge you with a positive attitude and make you want to come back again.

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