12 Tips For Smart Men Before Their Big Date

If you’re starting to compile every tip on dating you’ve gathered from tabloids and recalling every piece of advice that your mates have given you for your first date, you might start to think that dating is absolutely nerve-wracking.

However, there are great ways to deal with the pre-date jitters and also prepare for the date. Here is a list of things that you should definitely do before a big date.


1. Tidy up!

Wearing a pressed shirt and taking a shower before your date will make a huge difference in the way your date plays out.

A. Maintain Your Hygiene

It is understandable that we all have busy lives, but maintaining your hygiene is very important, especially for your first date. You do not want the person that you are trying to impress to get a waft of your morning breath or assume that you don’t own a comb.

B. Don’t Forget to Shave

Facial hair is a controversial topic. Although some men think that it is the foundation of their manhood, others think that it is trying too hard.

Regardless of your opinion, it is always a good idea to trim or shave, whichever way makes you feel more confident before a date. Unruly and unkempt facial hair will not make you look smart or clean.

C. Clean Up Around Your House

Even with thorough preparation for the date, it could still go downhill if you two make last minute plans to have a drink at your place.

If your place smells like instant food and looks disorganised, cleaning up is recommended, or it might leave your date with a bad impression of you.


2. Look Your Best

As they say, the first impression is the last impression, and your date will most certainly make assumptions about you based on things such as the clothes and accessories that you will be wearing.

A. Get Some New Clothes

You should go out and buy a new outfit for the occasion, especially if it is an important date. Your date might not know the difference between a brand new and a slightly worn shirt from your closet, but a new outfit will make you feel handsome and will, in turn, boost your confidence.

B. Invest In A Good Watch

According to Faveable, a wristwatch is a statement of your personality. In the age of smartwatches, a wristwatch can help you bring back the flare of a classic gentleman.

A good watch can be pricey, but there are budget wrist watches, too. It’s always a good idea to invest in a good watch that will serve you for years to come.


3. Exercise Before Your Date

As important as regular exercise is, it is especially important before a date. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, exercise could give you a boost of energy and lift your mood, thus making you more social.

Also, a quick exercise can help calm you down when you are stressing out before your date.


4. Plan Everything

A good way of dealing with nervousness before a date is by knowing what to expect. By planning everything, you will feel more at ease.

A. Check Out the Location of the Date

You will not want to be overdressed in a casual setting. It would also be embarrassing to find out a little too late that the posh restaurant might be a bit above your budget. Make sure to be well prepared to avoid these awkward situations

B. Take a Mental Walk-through

While going through your date with a mental walk-through, you will start to realise small inconveniences which may occur during your date. For example, you could realise that it might rain and so, taking an umbrella could potentially save the night.


5. Cross-Check with Your Date

You should check whether the date location and activities are okay with your date. This would mean checking to see if they have any allergies, diet restrictions, or medical conditions which collide with your plans. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


6. Make Sure You Have Enough Money

Whether you are paying for both of you or just for yourself, there is nothing more embarrassing than opening your wallet and hearing the sound of crickets. This might reflect poorly on your sense of responsibility to your partner.

Make sure that you take enough money for the meal, activities, ride, and a little extra for an emergency.


7. Last Minute De-stressing

You should de-stress before your big night. Some might say to grab a drink or two to loosen up beforehand, but it runs the risk of you going on a date drunk and slurring.

If you know your limits then this could be an option, but another alternative is listening to music. Music can relax you, thus leaving you with a clear head for the big date.


8. A Brief Background Check

This rule applies especially for those of you who met your partner online. Besides the safety issues which arise from online dating, there are other reasons to quickly run through their social media profiles before the date.

It might be difficult to start a conversation with someone you are trying to impress. Doing a brief background check will help you understand their interests a bit more, and this information will help you during conversations.


9. Turn Your Phone Off

Phones have become such integral parts of our lives. However, your phone going off several times during the date might make your partner feel unimportant, making them lose interest in you. So, make sure to switch your phone to aeroplane mode.


10. Double Check With Your Date

A casual text re-confirming the time and location of the date are important because your partner must also be a busy person and last minute duties might come up. Also, it will make you seem excited and interested in the date.


11. Wash Your Car

If you are going to pick your date up, you should wash your car. As previously said, the impression you leave really matters, and small things like how clean your car will have an effect on it.


12. Get a Good Night’s Rest

Lastly, you should rest and sleep for an entire 7 to 8 hours before the big day. Resting properly will help you to think clearly and you’ll also have a sufficient amount of energy to get through the day.

Even though the time before a date can be stressful, many of your worries can be reduced just by following these simple tips.



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