12 Days of Giveaways – Day 2

Now a days I have become so used to having a Sodastream in my kitchen I can’t imagine the space without it.

Most often just used for soda water, not only is this a great addition to any kitchen collection it is the best for entertaining due to the fact you can pretty much make an sparkling beverage you like, without having to lug 5-10 bottles home with you or figure out where to put them.

I know for myself and our team we have used the Sodastream over and over again so it comes as no surprise that we wanted to give you one you this dream machine that will have you wanting to make drinks for everyone, alohilic or otherwise especially during the holiday season.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 4.01.04 PM

Enter below for your chance to win the white Sodastream Source in this second edition of the 12 Days of Giveaways, and join us in our mission to, Wake up your Water.


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  1. PamWoodHumphrey

    I know hubby has been eyeing one of these so I would LOVE to surprise him with some fun funky water.

  2. Jasen H

    I want to make water exciting because it will allow me to create custom flavours! Cherry Gingerale? Banana Cola? Make it so !

  3. sisi4life

    I have an older Sodastream – I totally love it. Sparkling water is the best way to take any mixed drink up a notch!

  4. BelindaMcNabb

    I want to make it exciting because pop ends up being boring. This would make things more interesting

  5. citygal28

    I want to make water exciting because we all need our daily intake of water and there are many simple ways to liven up the flavour.

  6. ChristineTopley

    I want to make water exciting so that I can change things up and make it fun, tasty and more pleasing to drink. Let’s face it, plain old water is just, well, plain and boring.

  7. Karla Sceviour


  8. Brooklynn8

    because I have an allergy to corn, which is found in almost all pops, so I would love to be able to make my own flavoured pop

  9. amber y

    I want to make water exciting this holiday season because we will have lots of guests and it would be wonderful to be able to offer them a very large variety of drinks!
    – amber y

  10. AngelaPSept

    I had basically the super lame version of this when i was a kid and we had great memories with it so i’d love for my kids to have the cool updated version!

  11. AnnaKey1

    I would love to make water exciting this holiday season because drinking water is way healthier than most other beverages, this would make it much easier to drink a ton of it!

  12. mistygirle

    I’d like to make it exciting as I have quite a few family members  that visit over the holidays it would be nice to offer a variety of beverages without so much space used.

  13. nomnombearinyvr

    With the holidays here, lots of family and friends wants ‘fancy’ drinks. What’s fancier than drinks that can be customized and has bubbles! 


  14. trysmallthings

    We all need to drink more water and I think my kids would get a kick out of making their own fizzy drinks. (And me too!)

  15. meliahikes

    i want to make water exciting because my Dr wants me to drink 11 full glasses/day while i try to ditch some weight! that’s soooo much blah water

  16. CantonCathy

    I want to make it exciting by having options without all the recycling and storage space needed for cases of pop or carbonated water mix, etc. Carbonate add some flavour or spritz of lime, lemon  or cranberry juice and I would be all set for the holidays!

  17. Elevians_Grrr

    I want to make water exciting so that I drink more of it! Having a Sodastream would make drinking water fun!

  18. Lori3kids

    I am not drinking much pop these days but to make water more exciting would fit with my goal of drinking more water daily!

  19. AnnaCatherineTetreault

    I want to make my water more exciting for myself and all the kiddies in my family! Maybe they’ll drink more soda that isn’t just sugary sweet!