10 Progressive Technologies the Online Gaming Industry Is Using

Over the years, the technology that is used by the gambling industry has improved a lot. Find out about ten progressive technologies used here in this article. 

In the gambling industry, things have changed dramatically over the years. Instead of the traditional brick and mortar casinos that we all have visited in the past, we now have virtual casinos that can offer an exceptional experience. This is all down to the games that are being created and the technology that is used to support these. 

In this article, we are going to look at ten progressive technologies that the gambling industry is using. Read on to find out what these are.

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Mobile Tech

The gambling industry has been using mobile tech to deliver games to players regardless of where they are. Mobile casino games are just as effective and smooth to play as those that you’ll find on a desktop computer, and they are typically more popular. Players can choose to use their mobile browser to stream games or download an app created by the casino. Either way, mobile tech has improved the industry a lot with more and more players choosing to play their favourite games in this way, making mobile phones the most popular method of gaming in 2019.


Live Streaming

If you have ever played at an online casino, you’ll have noticed the addition of some live dealer games over recent years. These games mimic the real-life casino experience and typically involve table games such as poker, blackjack or roulette. To facilitate these games, live streaming tech is used. The dealer stands there in a casino or studio and is streamed directly to player’s devices. This can be very effective.


Virtual Reality

While virtual reality still hasn’t hit the mainstream market in the way that it has been predicted for many years now, the gambling industry is already using it. At some casinos, players can use VR tech to feel as though the games are there in real life, and this helps to improve the casino experience overall. In the future, we expect players to be able to walk around virtual casinos, talk with others and enjoy Vegas shows thanks to this progressive technology.


Artificial Intelligence

If you aren’t familiar with artificial intelligence, then you should know that this technology is being used across many industries, including the gambling industry. Thanks to AI tech, players can enjoy a much more personalised experience that feels as though they are part of something. AI helps with customer preferences and makes the experience much more seamless. Many casino operators are using AI every day.



Did you know that many casinos in the industry use blockchain to offer additional payments and extra security? Some casinos specialise in accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, and this proves popular with players. While crypto isn’t as widely accepted as you might think, this progressive technology is becoming much more common in this area. Make sure to look out for casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.


Touchscreen Tech

Another progressive technology that the gambling industry is using is touchscreen tech. This is appearing at land-based betting shops which are hoping to mimic the popularity of online casinos such as the Carnival Room. These games are so easy to play on a desktop or mobile device, and so land-based casinos are trying to encourage players to come along. With touchscreen tech, players don’t have to wait for the physical reels to spin on a game – they can see it happen digitally just like at home.


Data Science

When it comes to online casinos, there is a lot of data passed through the systems. In an attempt to manage and analyse this data correctly, the gambling industry is placing a large focus on data science. There are plenty of data scientists who are harnessing the power of the data to provide a customised experience for players. This might be something that goes on in the background, but players benefit from this research every single day.


Augmented Reality

It is also worth noting that the gambling industry is using augmented reality tech to improve the experience that they give players. This is something that we see much more at online casinos rather than the land-based kind, but it is proving very popular. AR can be used to improve the games that are played, but developers must be on board with this tech for it to work. We expect this technology to take off even more in the future.


Cloud Computing

As we mentioned above, personalised experiences are often vital for players to have a good time at an online casino or a betting shop. For this reason, cloud computing is being used to improve the gambling industry. While this is a technology that has been around for quite some time, it is still considered progressive. With cloud computing, additional security, data analytics, and compliance with gambling regulations are much more possible.



Finally, you should be aware of the technology that is used to make sure that any games that are played are fair. This technology is known as a Random Number Generator or RNG. This randomly allocates the result of the game right as it is played and this is often set in line with the Return To Player percentage that is already set out. This is something that most casinos use, and if they don’t, they won’t be allocating wins or losses as fairly as they should be.


As you can see, plenty of progressive technology is being used in the gambling industry in 2020. This industry has evolved over recent years with the help of new tech that is created each year. Without the help of mobile tech or RNGs, the industry wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

The future looks bright for the gambling industry, both land-based online. We expect more innovations to start to come through and for tech like VR to really become mainstream in the industry. Make sure to keep an eye on this to see what the future holds.

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