10 Lash Myths We Decided to Debunk

It’s no secret that we live in a culture of enhancements – fake butts, lip injections, tattooed eyebrows – and the list goes on. It’s also a fact that among those enhancements are a lot of botched jobs and beauty disasters.

Something as commonplace as eyelash extensions can be daunting. Before getting them for the first time, even I was privy to some ‘pre-enhancement’ anxiety. Will my real eyelashes fall out? Will they be obviously fake looking? Do I have to wear goggles in the shower?

So after getting eyelash extensions a couple of times with only good results, I decided it was time that someone debunk some of these outrageous lash myths. And no, I didn’t just make this sh*t up myself. I asked an expert – my trusted eyelash extension guy Paddy Williams, founder and owner of Relash Studio in the Queen West neighborhood in Toronto.

This is everything you need to know about your eyelash extensions. You and your eyelashes don’t need to be afraid because we got you.

1. My eyelashes will fall out

I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories. Women who got their lashes done only to have them fall out – eek! But the truth is that only happens if your lashes are done improperly. Do your research when choosing an artist and don’t be unrealistic. Ultra dramatic, mile-long extensions aren’t practical and are too heavy on your natural lashes.

2. Regular eye makeup is a no-go

Whoever tells you this is wrong. You can 100 percent use all the eyeshadow, liner and mascara your heart desires. But do note that waterproof makeup is, in fact, a no-no and will affect the look and longevity of your lash extensions.

3. I literally can’t wash my face

This is just silly!!!!! You, of course, can wash your face – no goggles necessary. Paddy assured me that routine cleanliness is fine, and highly recommended, so long as your makeup remover and face wash are oil free. An oil based product will break down the adhesive that’s holding your extensions on.

4. I can’t swim… or I can, just not in the ocean?

This myth goes hand in hand with not being able to wash your face, because if you can’t wash your face then you obviously can’t swim either. Or you can swim, but just not in saltwater? Right? WRONG! Tap water is cool. Freshwater is cool. Ocean water is cool. Even Brita filtered water is cool. Anyways, you get the picture.

*Note: With most lashes, it’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours before getting them wet but Pady treats his to be waterproof right away, no waiting time necessary.

5. I should only get lashes once and a while

Similarly to myth #1, if done properly by a lash expert that knows their stuff, there is no defined limit as to how many times you can get refills. Everyone has their own lash cycle (extensions fall out with your natural lashes) and as long as your lashes are continuing to grow in healthy, then there’s no need to stop. Your lash artist will tell you otherwise.

6. The higher priced the better

Don’t be fooled by a high price – this doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the lashes and service as it’s an unregulated market. However, Williams did tell me that the cheapest is, of course, not the best either. $100 for a full set is the industry median so anything below that will be cheap, cheap, cheap. The point is, do your research!

7. They’re made from real hair (mink right?)

This is mostly false. While there are some uber expensive lashes made from real mink (both uncommon and kind of weird anyway), the majority of lashes are synthetic. It’s also not like a weave; you aren’t wearing someone else’s donated eyelashes.

8. Don’t even think about getting a facial

Paddy assured me that while you should NOT get a facial within a day, anytime after that is fine. I can also attest to that as I’ve gotten a facial while having extensions on. However, what I will say is it’s probably good to air on the side of caution. I let my esthetician know I have them and to not use any oil-based products on my eyes.

 9. I can’t wear contacts

Just like not being able to wash your face or get your lashes wet, myth #9 is also ridiculous. If lash extensions impeded so much on your ability to function (ie. not being able to see) they would not be so popular. You CAN wear contacts when you have eyelash extensions. On the flip side, if you prefer to wear glasses, you can also have them styled appropriately so they don’t interfere with your glasses wearing.

10. They’re only for special occasions

While there are some versions of lash extensions that may better suit a special occasion (different colors, longer lengths, etc), and a special occasion may be a great time to try them out if you haven’t, your average lash extension set is meant to compliment your daily look. In fact, lash extensions are a great way to look “made up” when you have no makeup on at all.  They’re meant to enhance your own lashes, and save you time in your beauty routine.  Once you get your lashes and keep them up on the regular, you’ll see how addictive they are, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Check out some photos of the process and the awesome studio vibes, complete with a soothing kitty companion who will snuggle up to you while you get your lashes glammed.

Thinking about getting your lashes done? Head to Relash Studio to book an appointment.





Aly Zorn

Aly Zorn

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