10 Gadgets Every Business Owner Needs

Owning the right gadgets can make your company all the more efficient. Whether you run a small solo business from home or have your own office-based firm with a team of employees, these 10 pieces of tech are worth investing in.  



Practically everyone owns a smartphone these days so this gadget should come as no surprise. Many business owners have a separate business phone and contract that allows them to calculate their taxes more efficiently. There are special business phone contracts that could be worth looking into.



A laptop gives you the option to do computer-based work on the go so that you’re not chained to your office desk. Whether or not you travel around a lot, it’s nice to be able to have a change of environment now and again and a laptop allows you to do this.



Tablets are great for presenting data, signing digital documents and doing digital drawing work. For all those times when a laptop is too bulky but a smartphone is too small, a tablet works as the perfect happy medium.




A smartwatch can help you alert you of notifications or emails without having to look at your phone – this could be useful whilst in a meeting or on the go. Many smartwatches are used for combined fitness purposes such as counting steps, measuring blood pressure and measuring heart rate. Comparison guides can help you to find the best smartwatch for you.


Portable charger

When it comes to keeping all these devices charged up on the go, it’s handy to have a portable charger with you. If your phone or laptop is running low on battery and you don’t have an available power source nearby, you can simply charge up using the portable charger. There are even solar chargers that use the sun to charge up.


Portable router

A portable router can help to give you internet access wherever you go. Many of these are available as pay-as-you cards that can be fitted into a phone or a device to fit into your laptop. You’ll never have to hunt for wi-fi again.


Financial calculator

To help with accounting and other financial work, it could also be worth owning a financial calculator. The best financial calculators can help you work out everything from cost-sell margins to accrued interest. Read reviews online to find the best models.


All-in-one printer

Who needs a separate printer, scanner and fax machine when you can have a device that covers all three purposes? An all-in-one printer could save you money and save you space making it a worthy purchase.


Portable card scanner

Fewer people are carrying around cash – having a portable card scanner on you could allow you to accept card on the go. There are card scanners that can attach to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to essentially have your own portable POS display.


Video camera

Many business owners are now getting involved in video marketing – the likes of Youtube have made it simpler than ever. Whilst you can film using your phone, a video camera will ensure professional video quality. You can read reviews online to find the best video cameras.



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