Travel smart with Mereadesso

Skincare is a serious business and it’s really no surprise as to why. Whether we want to admit it or not we all want to have healthy looking skin, and there are really only a few factors that go into that.

Genes, water and great skincare and the main factors in your skin looking great, and since drinking water is pretty straight forward, and to my knowledge, you can’t go back and changed your genes, we then have to find the skincare that is best for us, and that really is an individual journey.

Regardless of your skincare needs, it goes without saying that some products are really just better than others, and after testing pretty much the full range from Mèreadesso over the last 18 months, I really would say it is one of my preferred skincare brands that I always seem to be recommending.

First and foremost Mèreadesso products are paraben and sulfate free, and are not tested on animals, and when it comes to great skincare and the brand, those factors are key.

Not only that after a short period of use after introducing the products into your routine most people (myself included) see better skin in just days. Not only that your skin looks more hydrated and from personal results, my skin looked clear and fresh.

Now I thought it didn’t get much better than that until I was recently introduced to the Travel Ease + Kit which is the latest and most convenient travel buddy from Mèreadesso.

The Travel Ease Kit includes:

12mL All-In-One Moisturizer in a resealable sachet.

12mL Face + Neck Cleanser in a resealable sachet.

30mL Beautiful Body Balm.

A specially designed mini cleansing cloth.

A reusable pouch



This perfect travel kit will probably last you about 10-14 days and is the essential for any smart travelers, and if you’re like me, this means you can fit more in your luggege, perfect for another blazer, or a pair of shoes, I’ll leave that choice up to you.




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