The Brew Box brings Ontario Craft beer right to your door

Craft beer lovers rejoice, The Brew Box Company are on a mission to bring you the best that the Ontario Craft Beer industry has to offer.

Recently I had the opportunity to test out The Brew Box. For those of you unaware, since 2014 Brew Box has been delivering craft beer from over 40 different Ontario Craft Breweries, about 90% of which are not available to the LCBO or The Beer Store.

Even better, the smart part about the Brew Box is:

A. you don’t have to travel all over Ontario searching for brewers to taste their beer

B. You don’t have to commit to a whole case in order to try out a new brew

C. Someone else from the Brew Box team has taken the time to weed out all the not so amazing beer, so you don’t have to come across a bad craft beer, which makes enjoying the whole experience all the easier

D. Um, it’s beer and it’s delivered. Case closed.



The Brew Box has a wide array of brewers, selections, and choice, which means each month you’ll be delighted to try out a wide offering of completely different beers from some of my favs like; Amsterdam Brewery, Oast House, Refined Fool, Left Field Brewery, Indie Ale House and more.



So if you are like me and have a wide array of tastes, that change daily, and you also like of bit of adventure in your craft beer experience, you might want to check out The Brew Box, I have to say, I really enjoyed the idea, the experience and most of all, the beer.

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