Menswear A/W 2018: What to Expect?

It’s been just over a month since the A/W collections were revealed to the world, and even though we can’t wait for those careless summer days when it comes to fashion, it’s better to get an early start on things – designers definitely do, so we should follow suit. Yes, fall will be here in a blink of an eye and trust us, you don’t want to be caught unprepared, so you might as well get the crash course on the styles that you’ll probably be sporting in the chillier seasons to come. Therefore, let’s go ahead and answer the question – when it comes to men’s fashion, what we can expect and how willing we will be to rock the trends dictated by fashion powerhouses.


The return of the classic


As the age of athleisure continues to rule, men are becoming increasingly reluctant to go back to the suit. However, we all know that the suit is the sleekest, and dare we say, sexiest thing a man can be spotted in, and certain designers concur. Hence, such names as Lucas Ossendrijver refuse to give up on the eternal classic, a sign of true masculinity, so he defied the popular opinion and brought a variety of suits onto the stage. Sure, he did make certain adjustments such as adding oversized puffer jackets for athleisure’s sake, and even added a deconstructed moment or two, but the message is clear – the suit isn’t going anywhere, and he isn’t the only one who thinks so. Fashion powerhouse Dior Homme also presented their version of the new suit, featuring a more fitted double-breasted jacket with several extra buttons. The trousers are mostly the skinny fit, and we have a sneaking suspicion that the new man will be all about this type of suit.

One trend to rule them all


This hardly comes as a surprise, since it’s already mentioned that athleisure still reigns supreme, so long puffer jackets, slouchy trousers and bright colours either in the outerwear or the lining are to be expected. The look is reminiscent of the return to boyhood, or at the very least the ‘I don’t care’ teenage vibe of the ‘90s and early 2000s. Also unsurprisingly, we can already see a vast majority of men embracing the slouchy poignant style, so it’s safe to say that there will be colour, and there will be a lot of intentionally chill vibes on the street this fall.

One shoe to rule them all


The mandatory shoe of the season will without a shadow of a doubt be the sneaker, so don’t be surprised when you catch yourself (or see someone else) rocking Adidas shoes or even luxury designer ones with either a suit or an overall oversized combo. Ever since athleisure became a lifestyle, renowned sportswear brands have taken it upon themselves to come up with designs that will stay true to their brand it terms of support, but they also upped the ante in terms of appearance, in order to usher the era of the sneaker into the mainstream, not only the leisure and sports aspects of life. Luxury brands have definitely shown that they want a piece of the cake as well, so we’ll be seeing plenty of luxury sneakers as well.

Mad about plaid

Stella McCartney and others such as Marc Jacobs presented entire women’s collections featuring the pattern, but hey, don’t leave men out of the game. It’s safe to assume that plaid will dominate the streets when it comes to both sexes. It has a timeless yet trendy quality to it, and with the return of the preppy style, this is the perfect moment to embrace the pattern, whether in the form of trousers, casual oversized blazers or full-on suits. With a sweater in a complementary hue, as seen in Fendi’s show, we can say that we are ready for this look. It’s casual with more than a hint of sophistication – essentially, the best of both worlds.

Rock that bag


The one thing that couldn’t escape the eye in almost all the menswear collections presented during fashion week is the presence of a bag. It came in many shapes and forms, from the returning fanny packs to satchels and even logo-filled solid duffel bags, but yes, bags were present. We’re not entirely certain how many men will jump aboard this particular trend as there still appears to exist a certain amount of stigma when it comes to men wearing bags, but we are hoping that they will be brave enough and break the gender stereotypes once and for all.  


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