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Waiting in the hotel lobby for EDX, I had no idea what to expect. To be honest, I had only heard of him that week. My roommates snagged tickets to his show weeks in advance but after seeing that he had remixed Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, I figured I wouldn’t be interested. Saying I was wrong in this assumption would be an understatement — his music was deep, technical, and right up the alley of what everyone in the electronic scene seems to be eating up musically right now (including myself).

The Italian-native has hit Beatport’s Best Progressive House Artists of 2009 and this summer he’s coming out with a force. With two new singles and a North American tour, EDX sat down to chat about what 2014 has in store.

How’s your tour been so far?

It’s my second show of the North American run and last night was fun, we were out late.

What does your day look like when you’re touring?

I flew all day. I went straight from the decks last night to the hotel, got ready and then went off to the airport. I got to Toronto at around 5pm and I met with some friends for a quick meeting. I’ve been sleeping since then. I just woke up a few minutes ago.

Is it hard for you to be travelling so much in between shows?

No actually, it’s not that hard for me. You just need to be on top of things and you need to be efficient because every minute you can rest is good for your gig. The vibe is much better if you’ve gotten enough rest. I’ve gotten used to it so it’s not too big a deal for me to play shows in between sleep.

You’ve recently released a new single, “Air For Life” that’s labeled as progressive house and then you’ve also released a deep house single, “Breathing”—What’s the mindset that goes into flip flopping between two very similar sub genres?

I wouldn’t put music into sub genres – I just call it “EDX house”. But, in that case, “Air For Life” is very classic EDX sound, which I produced last summer. I felt the scene wasn’t really ready for the slow, mellow sound of that track, which had a standard EDX drop and not the EDM drop everyone is into now.  After a couple of releases where I went deeper and slower, I feel like now was the moment for the release. With summer approaching and everyone getting into the slower sound, the scene is moving away from the electro drop-type music. “Air For Life” is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. It seems to be getting a lot of support.

“Breathing”, is more so how I feel and how I feel my music should be. It’s 119 BPM and that’s what I like.

So, what does “EDX house” mean?

It’s just music that makes people smile and gives off a good vibe.

Makes sense! You mention that people are ready for music that moves beyond “the drop” this summer whereas last year the scene seemed into the big room electro sound. What’s it been like adjusting to the changing preferences in just the span of a year?

For me, it’s been a process which I’ve started a year ago with my release called “Hazed”, where I tried to go a bit slower with a down tempo part combined with fresher sounds. I followed that up with my remix for Calvin Harris, which was a little bit deeper and house-ier. Then, there was my remix for Cazzette’s song, which again, I slowed down. All of them didn’t have that electro drop. So, it’s just been an evolution I’ve went through with the deeper stuff I’ve started to release. That sound has matched really well with remixes I did for artists like Avicii, which had a drop, but in a more EDX way. I feel like it’s all moving away from the electro drop in the coming months.

Again with the “EDX drop”, eh?

I’m trying to be different from what everyone else is doing and the EDM with the hard drop has been influencing the last two years. I’ve tried not to go with it because it’s not what I felt right with. Music is changing now and I was on top of it since day one of the change. I’m still keeping on top of it with the deeper sounds.

Do you feel people are coming back around to the sound you first started out with?

Ya, it’s definitely a very classic EDX sound—just a little bit slower.

What can we expect from you in 2014 going into 2015?

There’s a lot of music coming and I’m focusing mostly on that. My release,  “Air For Life” is happening at the end of May and “Breathing” is coming in June. Finally, my remix for Cazzette is releasing in June as well and then I did a remix for Cash Cash’s “Lightening”, which I believe will be released in July. I’ll have some new originals in July along with some remix work and maybe a collaboration—who knows.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

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Samie Durnford is a Toronto based writer with a heart that beats at 138BPM. An electronic music lover, you can find her listening to anything from trance to techno. Samie has been a reality TV columnist for the Toronto Sun and has interviewed DJs for THUMP Canada. She's taken electronic music on as a lifestyle, travelling to EDM festivals across North America whenever she can.
Samie Durnford