Gloomy weather, but Corona Sunsets shines through

While it may have been dark and gloomy at Corona Sunsets, the music definitely didn’t disappoint. Watching the clouds roll in and the rain start and stop all day, the trek to Hanlan’s Point was a tough one to begin.  Thankfully, upon our arrival at the the Toronto Islands ferry dock, it was clear that the crowd was in a much better mood. People were chanting and cheering as we waited for the ferry to empty and load back up with excited concert-goers.

People in ponchos, wrestling with umbrellas, filtered into the venue as the rain absolutely poured down. Even a poncho couldn’t quite keep you dry, but huddling under trees was a great way to make some new friends. When the rain finally let up, it was time to explore what Corona Sunsets had set up.

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It was a shame it wasn’t a nicer day, because the venue was extremely well done. There were big lounging chairs, a stunning Griffin stage, a cool path leading to the beach, and an amazing Corona stage. It was hard not to curse Mother Earth for dampening such a good opportunity for dancing on the beach in the sun, but luckily the sounds of Thomas Jack lightened the mood.

I had never heard of Thomas Jack, but his Kygo inspired sound had everyone grinning from ear to ear as they shuffled around to warm up. The music was fun with a light vibe and a Bob Marley remix that prompted a singalong. With him bouncing away the entire set, it was hard to stand still. When he was done, he even took the time to greet superfans who had camped out in front of the crowd waiting for a high five. If you do yourself a favour today, check out his Soundcloud.

Next up was Cyril Hahn, whose deep house vibes matched perfectly with the beach setting and the clouds rolling overtop. The rain finally gave us a massive break, and as the ponchos were coming off, everyone was grooving to the beat. Some even had their shoes off, enjoying the damp sand and the atmosphere.

Wolf + Lamb had a high energy set, however the MC definitely needed to take a breather. It was hard to take in the full Wolf + Lamb sound with the MC constantly shouting “Let me see your footwork!” and other random lines into each song. The crowd wasn’t quite feeling the MC either since when he asked to see hands in the air, no one moved.

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Aside from the weather, the only other main disappointment was the price of beer. A Corona would set you back $9 for a can and $11 for a Corona cocktail. Being a Corona festival, I think most concert-goers were hoping to get the import beer for a bit cheaper than a regular night out.

All in all, Corona Sunsets was a festival full of good music and excellent production, but the weather didn’t quite let it reach its potential. Here’s to hoping that Toronto gets to try again next year.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

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Samie Durnford