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It’s time for Canadians to boycott Donald Trump

I’ve been a polite Canadian boy for long enough. I watched as America voted in the worst president in American History, and ever since that moment I have been appalled that Americans have allowed this horrific show of hate to continue, and…


International Women’s Day

At Addicted we love to celebrate women, whether it’s through our Addicted Inspiration series, our #womancrushwednesdays and more. So today we’re proud to highlight a celebration of women around the world; International Women’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of…

Addicted In-Depth: What we don’t learn in school

Here’s the thing, our school system here in Canada and in fact after doing a fair bit of research, a lot of countries around the world; kids do not learn even half of what they should be learning in school….

Addicted In-Depth: Imprisoned

It is estimated that about 10 million people are imprisoned across the globe, and over 2.6 million of those are in America, which based on population means that America has the highest population imprisoned than any country around the world. Think about it this way…