Salute to Captain Phillips

Director Paul Greengrass hurls his audience into the film Captain Phillips, which is based on the true story of a cargo ship traveling around the horn of Africa that was laid siege upon by a small gang of Somali pirates. This film wastes no time getting right into the action, and once it starts it keeps going and escalating, leaving little time to catch your breath. While Tom Hanks’ performance is strong all the way through, it is the last few minutes that left me feeling “wow, oh, he is good!” as tears streamed down my face. Just stellar.

My first note is I worry if there is some Argo-esque embellishments, straying from the truth in order to create a hero and more enthralling storyline. My second note, which is more of a caution than a criticism, is that there is a lot of shaky camerawork and quick, choppy edits. I felt motion sickness while sitting in my seat and had to close my eyes and hope I didn’t need to go overboard. It either calmed down as the film moved along or my equilibrium adjusted. But, the queasiness did not take away from my overall enjoyment and impression of the film, so grab a barf bag (just in case) and a seat and dive into the ride of Captain Phillips.

Emer Schlosser

Emer Schlosser

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