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As someone who has searched far and wide for the solution to my extremely fine and thin hair, I cannot begin to express how discovering WEN by Chaz Dean has revolutionized my hair. Of course, I first heard of the product years ago on the commercials that feature instantly beautiful transformations of all different types of hair. I never took the plunge to try it for myself before just a few weeks ago because I simply thought the results must be staged because they looked too gorgeous to be true. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After just three days of replacing my super expensive shampoo and conditioner with WEN hair cleansing conditioner, I was ready to completely wipe out my closet of all other hair products. In fact, I can do that because WEN by Chaz Dean actually combines the effects of five different products in one formula. With just a few pumps of the cleansing conditioner, I got all of the benefits of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and a detangler. In addition to the price of this product being way less than what I am used to forking over for expensive salon shampoos and treatments, it also takes up way less space in my bathroom than the pile of products from hair care experiments of my past.

While my hair has always been fine, I have noticed it getting progressively thinner in recent years. It could be due to changes in my hormones with age, but I was just not ready to accept that I would have to embrace bald spots before I turn 50. After about two full weeks of use, I could tell that my hair looked fuller and seemed to be stronger. I have been losing less hair whenever I brush and blow dry and do not have to contend with knots. I am so excited that I might just be reversing my trend of hair loss by actually being kinder to my hair. The natural ingredients that are used in WEN by Chaz Dean have been much gentler on my hair than the long list of chemicals found in salon shampoos that I cannot even begin to pronounce. I also love that the formula does not use any sulfates, which means that I do not have to worry about a waxy film in my hair after cleansing or any damage to my colored hair.
If you are new to using WEN by Chaz Dean, the process is quite simple. Instead of washing with your regular shampoo, you use a few pumps of the cleansing conditioner and apply it throughout your hair. After letting it settle in for about a minute, you should thoroughly wash it out of your hair. If your hair is a bit frizzier than average, you might want to try using another pump of the product before you blow dry. This will help it stay smooth throughout the day and also protects it from heat damage while drying. Happy cleansing!

Happy cleansing!


Guest post by Amanda Moore



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