5 Toronto photographers you need to follow on Instagram right now

Instagram isn’t just for pictures of your friends’ babies, cute puppies, or your coworker’s dinner. It’s time to take your feed to the next level with some picturesque images of our very own city. This year, Bud Light Digital Dreams announced their partnership with local street photographers and we checked some of them out. It’s safe to say, we fell in love with what we saw and even found some extra photographers to share with all of you.

It’s time to pimp out your Instagram feed and drool over some incredible images of our city streets, taken by Toronto’s extremely talented photographers.

  1. @SoTeeOh

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Bomber's dream… #artlifetoronto

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His lens captures beautiful moments on Toronto’s streets, with a mix of portraits and candid shots that are simply stunning.  Each image is so striking and visually appealing, it’s city porn for your eyes. Each image is even more eye catching than the next in its own unique way. Dubbing himself a visual storyteller, there’s no doubt his images evoke many emotions for viewers as you scroll endlessly through his Instagram account.

  1. @jazzyvibes

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Wedding photographer by day, rooftop explorer by night, Jazz Brar’s heartstopping photography will leave you breathless. Capturing the city’s finest skylines, his bird’s eye view never gets old. Mixing buildings with some of Toronto’s best moments, Jazz is a natural fit for the Digital Dreams street photographer partnership. Pictures of the festival’s token astronaut on top of buildings generate so much excitement, reminding us all that Toronto is home to some pretty incredible things.

  1. @thesupermaniak

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🐳🐋🐬 @digitaldreamsfest

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Capturing people as they move within the city, Maria Jose Govea showcases the life Toronto has to offer. From pictures of people dancing at festivals, to edgy rooftop photoshoots with gorgeous subjects, to busy dancefloors and our ever-changing weather, Maria makes the city look so full of life, fun, depth, and love. Another collaborator with Bud Light Digital Dreams, she effortlessly places the astronaut in her images in a way that fits so perfectly with the rest of her vision, you almost have to catch it as you scroll through her feed.

  1. @cptvibes

An up and coming photographer in the Toronto scene, Alec Donnell Luna’s lens captures the people, parties, and allure of the city. He has an eye for capturing people in their natural state and his pictures have a life to them that makes you feel as if you’re sharing the moment with them. From shooting festivals such as Toronto’s Bestival and Electric Island, to snapping the city’s streets, to flawless portraits that make everyone look their best, he’s someone you have to have on your feed.

  1. @stilez

Keeping on the theme of music meets the streets of Toronto, Stilez is a staple to any Torontonian’s Instagram feed. His images are perfectly crafted, with angles, viewpoints, people, and scenes that will transport you into the picture if you just lay back and close your eyes. He really explores the streets and goes above and beyond for the perfect snapshot. Co-owner & Creative Director of BeyondTheDrop.com, he also does music event photography that’ll give you FOMO as you scroll through his albums.

Inspired? We sure are.

Let us know in the comments which Instagram accounts have you scrolling for hours.

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